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  • Zoe (Customer)

    I ended up buying the Bonfire candle of yours and oh my's absolutley amazing! It literally smells like a Bonfire! Please tell me you will continue making your wonderful candles! We are definitely going to buy more of them. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product!

  • Angela (Stockist)

    I am delighted to be stocking your gorgeous candles, in my little shop, I know how much work and dedication you have put into your products and they simply speak for themselves.

    I have repeat customers and I have sent them to many places far and wide. I love dealing with you, you are such a joy to work with. 

  • Katherine (Customer)

    As one of your customers who have bought and used your products mainly the candles.. I have nothing but praise for the products itself and the love and passion you put into your products. 

    The different scents that are very natural are just amazing and it’s like when you walk into my house, you would think you are walking into a beautiful garden of yummy smells of flowers, herbs or plants.